Entrepreneurs Circle

We believe that most businesses aren’t as successful as they could be.

If you’ve got a half-decent business and you’re half-way switched on then we believe that you CAN become really successful.

We recognise that “success” means different things to different people.

Our clear purpose is to help many hundreds more UK business owners to become more successful and change their lives – whatever that means to them.

We know that a good business can be the key to a happy life – and lifestyle - for the business owner AND the ones that they love. A great business also helps others; it creates jobs, builds wealth and generates taxes.

When they started out, most business owners had a clear end goal, but somewhere between their first day in business and today many of them have lost sight of their personal Picture of Success.

Whatever is in your Picture of Success we’ll take the time to help you discover (or re-discover) it.

We’ll take the time to understand exactly where you are now with your business, where you’re heading and why it matters to you.

Once we understand you we’ll help you to make your personal Picture of Success become reality.

If you're looking to change your life - both personally and professionally - and reach your goals, achieve your aspirations, and live the life you've always dreamed of for your family, we can help you get there.

We’ll do whatever it takes, whether that means teaching you how to do it, doing it with you or even doing it for you.

You’ll get the guidance, support, coaching, training and helpthat you need.

The Entrepreneurs Circle is just like a circle of friends....
...the skilled and highly trained team of over 100 based in our National Support Centre near the NEC, your local business coach on the ground in your area and our wider community of like-minded business owners that you’ll become part of.

Our members believe in thinking differently to the norm. They like to be challenged, pushed and, if they want it, being held accountable for doing the right things to build their business.

They love the feeling of help and support that comes with being a member of the Entrepreneurs Circle. It means that they never feel isolated, or on their own, as many business owners do.

The EC is the real deal; we’re not about ‘get-rich-quick’.

We don’t peddle the latest ‘bright shiny object’ and we’re not self-proclaimed gurus, leaning on the bonnets of our 'hired for the photo-shoot' supercars.

We’ve built big success with our own businesses – multiple times. We’ve done it with our members' businesses as well – lots of them - and we continue to invest heavily to ensure that we stay right up to date with the very latest thinking and techniques that grow businesses quickly.

We don’t pretend that there’s a silver bullet that fixes everything – because there isn’t.

Success isn’t a ‘thing’ that will happen to you...

...it’s a JOURNEY that you’re on - a place that you work towards - and as a member of EC we’re with you every step of the way providing you with the practical, useful help that you need.

There’s NO corporate bollocks. No fluff or puff.

We care deeply about the people that we work with and our purpose – the reason why we exist is to help them to achieve their personal Picture of Success.

We’re not right for everyone but if we’re right for you we’ll both know it…

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